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JAEA Synchrotron Radiation Research Symposium
"Magnetism in Quantum Beam Science"

The symposium is devoted to magnetism in quantum spin systems, frustrated magnets, strongly correlated electrons, high-temperature superconductors, multifunctional materials etc. We focus mainly on research using quantum beams: synchrotron X-rays, neutrons, muons, as well as some magnetic resonance techniques. Both experimental and theoretical work will be highlighted. The presentations consist of invited or contributed talks and posters.
The symposium will be held at Lecture Hall in Public Relations Center of the SPring-8, in Harima Science Garden City.
March 11-13, 2013
The tentative schedule is from 13:00 on 11th to 12:00 on 13th.
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Invited Speakers:
C. Detlefs (ESRF, France)
S. Dunsiger (Technische Universitat Munchen)
S. Fujimori (JAEA)
S. Fujiyama (RIKEN)
Z. Hiroi (University of Tokyo)
S. Ishihara (Tohoku University)
Z. Islam (APS, USA)
H. Kageyama (Kyoto University)
H. Kobayashi(University of Hyogo)
M. Matsuda (ORNL)
T. Matsumura (Hiroshima University)
Ph. Mendels (Universite Paris-Sud XI, Orsay)
S. Miyashita (University of Tokyo)
M. Nakamura (Tokyo Institute of Technology)
H. Nakano (University of Hyogo)
H. Nojiri (Tohoku University)
E. Rodriguez (University of Maryland)
S. Sebastian (University of Cambridge)
N. Shannon (OIST)
T. Shimokawa (Kobe University)
Y. Sidis (CEA, Saclay, France)
P. Steffens (ILL)
H. Tanaka (Tokyo Institute of Technology)
E. Torikai (Yamanashi University)
K. Tsutui (JAEA)
T. Watanuki (JAEA)
A. Zheludev (ETH, Zurich)
T. Ziman (ILL)
There will be no participation fee. Please fill the following registration form and send it by e-mail as a main text to, with subject: "JAEA symposium", not later than Feb. 28 (Thu), 2013. (The deadline of abstract submission is Feb. 14 (THu).)

Registration form

Title of your presentation (if you submit):
Stay at guest house on March 11th: yse/no
Stay at guest house on March 12th: yse/no
Attend the banquet: yes/no
Give a presentation: yes/no
(if yes) Title:
Please attach your abstract (A4-1page PDF) to E-mail.

Call For Papers:
We are accepting contributed talks and poster presentations on the symposium. (Most contributed papers will be poster presentations.) Please submit an A4 one-page abstract of your presentation by e-mail as a PDF file (printed in black-and-white in the abstract booklet) attached to the registration e-mail. The dead line of the abstract submission is Feb. 14 (Thu.), 2013.
The banquet will be held on March 11st at the SPring-8 restaurant. The participant who would like to attend the banquet should pay 4000 Japanese yen (2000 yen for a student) at the registration desk.
The size of the workshop is planned to be 60 or more articipants. All the participants including the invited foreign guests will be expected to stay two nights (March 11th and 12th) at the SPring8 guest house (single room: 2000 Japanese yen/night). Please specify the dates when you would like to stay at the guest house in the registration form. However, all the requests will not be necessarily accepted, because the number of rooms is limited. In such a case, please stay at some other hotels.
Organizing Committee:
T. Sakai (JAEA)
K. Kakurai (JAEA)
J. Mizuki (JAEA)
Y. Katayama (JAEA)
H. Konishi (JAEA)
T. Inami (JAEA)
K. Tsutsui (JAEA)
H. Nojiri (Tohoku University)
H. Kageyama (Kyoto University)
T. Ziman (ILL)
Toru Sakai (JAEA, SPring-8)
The symposium is supported by Synchrotron Radiation Research Center, JAEA and Institut Laue Langevin.